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Reflecting a little….

As with most people as they reach the end of the year, there is a temptation to take time off or try to be as productive as possible during the quiet period of no work-related communications.

This time, last year, I was in Sydney and I took a break. I was on my own mostly. I played through two games (Thief 1 and 2), went to the gym, and cooked.

This year, I'm in Kuala Lumpur, and I have been working on research things, but also reflecting a lot on the kind of person I would like to be. I have had a lot of time to appreciate how lovely it is to spend time with my family and friends here as well as a couple friends of who are far in distance but close in spirit (and heart). I've had some happy news, some sad/frustrating ones, as well as some tough decisions to make and faults to own up to. I've had to take a brutal look at myself, while at the same time building myself back up (with the help of a great friend!).

So, this limbo period of having written up and submitted my dissertation, but having to leave Sydney because it's quite expensive to live there while applying for jobs, started out with a bit of a low but ended up here, being much better. Life is unexpected sometimes.

Going into the new year, I'm grateful for having had the time, particularly time spent with my mum and brother. I'm also grateful for having had the opportunity to re-examine the person I was and to reflect on my dream, goals, motivations, and strivings. I'm grateful for having had good friendships, particularly the generosity of my good friend, John.

My PhD may not have turned out the way I envisioned it going in, but I damn well am going to strive to use the time I have left to live a life that is meaningful to me. I'm posting this here, as a reminder to myself, even in the work "space" of my life.

​Happy holidays! :)

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